Brooklyn Psych Legends Oneida Share Dawson's Creek Inspired Fan Video For "It Was Me"

New York underground legends Oneida have shared a new video for “It Was Me” featuring exclusive footage of a CD copy of the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack. The video was directed by SR Palm (Sarah Richardson), who found the CD in a box at a New York City bus stop. Inspired by unauthorized fan videos that populate the depths of YouTube, the video for “It Was Me” juxtaposes the 1996 mega-hit “I Don’t Want To Wait” by Paula Cole with the expansive experimental rock music that Oneida specializes in.


SR Palm describes the process of making the video, “Bobby Matador [of Oneida] emailed me about making a video in July, and I didn’t respond. I felt really bad about it. I’d started a couple other music videos and not finished them, and I was worried about committing to something again and then letting people down. To me, it seemed like a good solution to just make a video without telling anyone about it, so that there would be zero expectations. This helped with the anxiety, avoidance, and procrastination. I eventually replied to Bobby in February once I’d finished the video, and while things worked out, in the end, I still should have gotten back to him a long time ago. I’m sorry Bobby.”