Bitch Shares Powerful Feminist Anthem "New Year"

Being released days before the 2019 Women’s March, Bitch (of Bitch and Animal) has dropped a powerful new single “New Year.” The track contains heart-pounding rhythms and piano riffs that are colossal and undeniable. As for the lyrics? “‘New Year’ is about empowerment,” says Bitch. “It’s about claiming who you are, and letting go of patterns that no longer serve you.” With its brightly repeated refrain of “I’m the woman,”

Within the message being sent out in “New Year,” Bitch’s longtime mission of disrupting gendered language is said loud and clear. “So much of our language is built on empowering men, and part of my life’s work has been to make sure we’re also empowering women,” she says. To that end, Bitch sees “I’m the woman” as an alternative to “I’m the man,” a declaration of strength and autonomy and all-around indomitability.”

Not having any new material being released in over a decade, “New Year” is a fierce way of Bitch reintroducing herself to old and new fans. The video that accompanies the single features centric choreography from LA-based dance artist Megan Fowler-Hurst. “To me, it’s very much a celebration,” Bitch says in regards to the spirit of the song that is displayed throughout the video. “It’s about taking stock of what the world has done to us and what we’ve bought into, and then plunging forward into the new year with a new sense of boldness —like, ‘Here I fucking am.’”