Billy Moon Shares Video For Single “S L Y”

I often look back at my days growing up with such awe and glee. Running around with my buddies, we threw any form of worry and regret out of the window early and often. Along with learning about myself, I was fortunate to experience young, dumb love for a female. Although the relationship lasted over a summer, our passion for one another was electric throughout that period of time.
Hamilton, Ontario musician Billy Moon taps into those wild emotions that come along with young love in his video for the single “S L Y”. Coming off the upcoming re-release EP I’ll Push the Pedals and Your Steer via Old Flame Records, the video features a day in the life of one couple, Olivia and Elena. Moon says the lead couple in the video were “literally one of the cutest couples I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I hope that everyone can find someone like that.”
As for the lyrics to “S L Y”, here’s what Moon said: “It’s a song that was stuck in my head for about a year before I actually wrote it down and made it real. It was inspired by a lot of Billy Bragg songs, I love how he can write these powerful political pieces but can also do the some of the most tender love songs. To simplify, the song’s meant for people who get caught in downward spirals and feel trapped inside of them. I see some people (mostly girls) who have these awful self-harm scars and it really makes me sad, because no one deserves to feel that way about themselves. We all deserve love.”
Being swept away from the unpolished guitar chords and Moon’s vocals, “S L Y” showcases a rawness that’s sheer genius.