Best Of 2016: Rob Sonic

When you think of Rob Sonic, a number of things come to mind. Recently it’s been both his second solo album, Alice In Thunderdome and those funny Instagram quips of his.  In many music circles Rob Sonic has left his mark with collaborations, multiple projects, and solo releases, beginning in 2000 when he received critical acclaim with Sonic Sum’s The Sanity Annex, the first release of the band he once fronted. He went on to work with a number of  artists, from the likes DJ Krush, Techno Animal, Slug, to Mike Ladd, and Radiohead. His first solo album, Telicattessen, was released back in 2004, which he later followed up with 2007’s Sabotage Gigante.
His play on words is something you can’t ignore or missed, and that’s probably why he and another wordsmith like Aesop Rock bonded, enough to form Hail Mary Mallon and release a couple of albums together, Are You GonnaTo Eat That (2011) and Bestiary (2014).  While on tour,  Rob has gone on to give Ghettoblaster his Best of 2016.


Rob Sonic: