Best Of 2016: Rituals Of Mine

Rituals Of Mine, does something that blows down a multitude of cultural lines. Led by vocalist Terra Lopez along with Dani Fernandez playing MPC and SPD-SX, the duo’s music and live performances command listeners into a space of sound varying proportion that force your full attention. For the uninitiated listener the initial welcoming tenderness in the duo’s music is inviting and will hypnotize leaving you unable to pull away. Truth be told though, you won’t want to part ways with the duo. Terra’s cooing vocals leave you entranced while Dani’s beats and rhythms will keep that body swaying. The group’s second album Devoted was re-released this year but not before the duo tweaked it. It remains a favorite this year itself here at Ghettoblaster. We caught up with Rituals Of Mine to find out what their Best Of 2016 is and it shows their love for music as well as varying genres  
Angel Olsen – My Woman
This record has been on repeat in the tour van. It’s so damn beautiful and exciting to hear her sing in so many different styles. Her voice and music are timeless and seems to never grow old. We definitely swoon over Angel Olsen.

Solange – A Seat At The Table
“Cranes in the Sky” is by far my song of the year. The first dozen or so times I listened to this track, I wept. The lyrics, the mood, the overall vibe of this song was a savior on it’s own but the entire album is so important and so gorgeous. I listen to this album before we step on stage every night.

Sampha – “Blood On Me”
This song gets me too hyped! The production, his magical, magical voice and the lyrics resonate with me. This is another track I listen to before we step on stage. Sampha is one of my favorite contemporary singers – I just think everything he does is fire.

Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover EP
I am fortunate enough to work as a publicist for Terrorbird Media and we worked this EP this year by this 16 year old prodigy. His music is just so damn feel good. I must have listened to this EP hundreds of time over this year. Definitely going to be hearing a lot from this kid – he’s incredible.

Vritra – Yellowing
I got to work with Vritra this year on his album for PR and this record is so dope. He combines experimental hip-hop with electronic elements all with a jazz backbone. There’s some drum & bass elements in there. I just think Hal Williams is dope and I can’t wait to hear more from him with his project. Definitely “Gumbi” was a standout jam for me this year.

Forth Wanders – Slop
This little EP surprised me this year and has me HOOKED! I’ve been listening nonstop to this as of late, especially the title track. It’s full of melancholy, nostalgic, and her voice is swoon city. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys. (Here’s the link but it’s not available in U.S.)

Rhianna – ANTI
I mean, how can you resist the baddest? “Needed Me” was the anthem for 2016. Baby girl has the industry on lock. We definitely listen to this record every single tour, multiple times for when we need to get hyped before shows or on long drives. I really respect her so much as an artist and how she seems to be able to do whatever she wants while being a major label artist.

Touché Amoré – Stage Four
I’ll admit I’ve only been able to listen to this record five times through because of the nature of the album and how heavy it all is but it’s an incredibly brave body of work that I truly respect and admire. To be able to write an album and channel the grief of losing a parent is something that I am experiencing at the moment so to be able to hear their sadness, pain from that loss is truly beautiful. This record left a huge impression on me.

Samaris – Black Lights
This trio is one of my favorite new discoveries. They are from Iceland and their album is so dope. They blend footwork and electronic and it’s just hypnotizing. “Wanted 2 Say” is the track – I could listen to that song all damn day. Plus, her voice is swoon city as well.