Aunty Social Shares Video "Crack A Deal"

Bedroom pop artist Aunty Social announces her debut EP, The Day My Brain Broke, will be released on March 6th, 2020. The Day My Brain Broke was written during a pivotal and cathartic time for Aunty Social (real name Daniela Gitto), with each song chronicling a chapter of her evolution as she worked her way out of a toxic lifestyle — computer, mic, and MIDI in hand. All of the artwork was self-created by collaging mixed media with older personal family photos to help honestly illustrate her feelings and experiences behind the music.

Each song represents something that affected me during my upbringing and during this journey into a toxic lifestyle,” says Daniela. “There are a lot of underlying mental health things that intertwine everything together.”
The moniker Aunty Social comes from Daniela’s past insecurities and periods of isolation, when she’d use music as a therapeutic aid to address her own struggles with mental health.

The EP’s first track, “Trying, is an introspective, electro indie-pop jam that dives into Daniela’s religious past, and the crisis that followed when she left it all behind. The track was picked for the #2 spot on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist the week of release.