Aunty Social Shares Single "Trying"

Bedroom pop has changed drastically throughout the years and with the new inclusion of Aunty Social, life will soon be interesting. The young 24-year-old Toronto bedroom pop artist Daniela Gitto just signed with Nettwerk and will be releasing her debut sometime soon.

In the meantime, she shared her first single for the label in “Trying.” The electro-pop indie number strays from predictability and conventionality with its lulling throb and explosiveness.

“Trying,” an introspective, electro indie-pop jam, dives into Daniela’s religious past, and the crisis that followed when she left it all behind. “Before all of this, religion was my identity. It’s what I relied on, it’s what I followed. I was raised in a Catholic family, I went to a Catholic school. Once that was gone, I really didn’t know who I was. I felt like all this progress that I had made from six to sixteen was completely void, and then I had to muster up all the things that make me who I am.”

She adds, “Everyone’s experience with religion is different, whether positive or negative. Mine was born in fear and repetition, policing not only my actions, but also thoughts because I believed God was always listening. I did the sign of the cross three times each time I passed a church, cemetery, my Nonnas house and even when I saw a dead animal on the side of the road. If I missed one I’d become anxious and do the sign of the cross in threes, as many times as I felt necessary so that God knew I was sorry. I still feel the tendencies to this day, like a spiritual Stockholm syndrome.”