BSE 78: Mura Masa feat. Nao, A-Trak feat. Todd Terry, Phosphorescent, The Beths, Lala Lala and Den-Mate

“Just Living in Jazz”

Photos Courtesy of the Artists

On this episode of Best Song Ever dear dear cousins Brian and Luke dive head first into the Bachelor family of shows, they read lyrics that describe their mood and make poop jokes and talk about dutch angles and the Travis Scott music video Stop Trying to Be God.  Also, Brian tries to stump Luke on his actor knowledge, they discuss writing music as a means of processing your emotions and how to best connect with what you are creating. They also share some hot LaBenne family gossip and talk about Beignetsecs, a LaBenne family Christmas tradition and get into how weird the human mind is all while playing the six best songs you’ll hear all week!
Every week Ghettoblaster feature writers (and dear cousins!) Brian LaBenne and Luke LaBenne bring you fresh new songs with the hopes of introducing you to some that you may consider to be the best song ever. Both Brian and Luke have no idea what songs the other has picked, so what you are hearing is their genuine reaction to listening to the songs together. Also, if you enjoy this episode, head to iTunes to subscribe and rate our podcast with the highest rating available to you.
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Songs Played on “Just Living in Jazz”
Mura Masa feat. Nao – Complicated out now on Anchor Point Records
The Beths – Happy Unhappy from Future Me Hates Me out now on Carpark Records
Lala Lala – Destroyer from The Lamb out September 28th on Hardly Art
A-Trak feat. Todd Terry – DJs Gotta Dance More out now on Fool’s Gold Records
Phosphorescent – New Birth In New England from C’est La Vie out October 5th on Dead Oceans
Den-Mate – Sick from Loceke out September 28th on Babe City Records