Boombox Culture: Dear White People And Some Random Sh*t

It had to happen. We’re back with another episode of this thing we call Boombox Culture. Varying opinions on what makes the world go round. Well it isn’t that deep honestly but it’s just something that slid right off the head, take that as you will. With this episode we take a look at the confusion over a Netflix series a select number of people seem to have with the show called Dear White People. While it may not be politically correct to point fingers at some, it’s easy to do. Some individuals have gone so far as to cancel their Netflix accounts based on the trailer to the show alone. This follows the uproar that was another Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why, which found many speaking up about it behind keyboards on social media. What’s the issue with Dear White People? It deals with institutionalized racism, overt and covert. Take your pick. We spoke with both an educator and a musician regarding the series, its comparison to daily life and music.