Black Bottom Lighters, Smoke ‘em if you got em…

Black Bottom Lighters, Smoke ‘em if you got em….

Club Red, Phoenix, AZ – Find like-minded musicians to play shows with. Check. Play locally and OFTEN. Check. Record music. Check. Release music on your own, selling at shows. Check. Tour. Check. Build a strong following. Check. Over 19,000 fans just can’t be wrong.

Since the group’s inception back in 2010 the Black Bottom Lighters have slowly gathered steam the old fashioned way: Through hard work. While the Arizona based band can be heard influenced by a little dirty reggae/rock, the group doesn’t limit itself there. There is just so much more to the group made up of the six members, Stilly, Philly, Taide, Jose, Phatty and Kelyn, who together create their own magical sound. That sound has enabled the sextet to share the stage with the likes of Flogging Molly, Shaggy, Steel Pulse and many others.

We caught up with the band right before the east coast leg of its tour, in support of the new album 2 or 2000, which is sure to be filled with good times, new fans and other pleasantries.