What Moon Things share video, stream album, play shows (2014)

NY’s What Moon Things share a video at Brooklyn Vegan and are streaming the full album at Wondering Sound.
Conceived in a dark, moldy basement during the summer of 2012, New Paltz, NY-based What Moon Things blends distorted guitar hooks, somber synthesizers, and the rubbed-raw vocals of Jake Harms and John Morisi to jolt listeners wide awake with stinging dreamo (shoegazey, dreamy, and a little bit emo…) sound. Drawing inspiration from a range of influences including the Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Modest Mouse, and the Cure, the band, comprised of Harms (guitars, lead vocals), Morisi (drums, lead vocals), and Chris Kehoe (bass, synths, backup vocals), began recording together in the early summer of 2013, and within a few frenetic months had completed their eponymous debut LP.
Though recorded in Morisi’s sparse and tiny New Paltz apartment (nicknamed “The Dump”), WMT’s full-length album was mixed by Scott Nicholas and mastered by Jesse Magnum in Athens, GA, a town whose legendary music scene has produced such acts as R.E.M., the B-52s, and Neutral Milk Hotel. All but one of the record’s eight songs were co-written by Harms and Morisi, who form the band’s creative core (“Moon Things”, a roiling noise collage, was contributed by Nicholas). Their songs exist as the two bandmates’ reciprocal transmissions on disappointment, monsters, and the human vulnerability revealed through death and heartbreak. Harms and Morisi share lead vocal duty on the record. Their fevered tenors undergird the wide-hipped, reverby vessel of the album, serving as anchors for Harms’ messy, brilliant guitar work and Morisi’s syncopated drum motifs.
Catch the band live here:
8/5 – BROOKLYN, NY // Palisades w/ Muscle & Bone, Placeholder, Young & Heartless
9/2 – NEW PALTZ, NY // Cafe Oasis w/ Porches
9/5 – PHILADELPHIA, PA // North Star Bar w/ REPTAR + New Madrid
9/6 – BROOKLYN, NY // Shea Stadium w/ Infinity Girl, Rivergazer & Dead Waves
9/12 – RED HOOK, NY // Bard College w/ Naomi Punk
9/13 – ATHENS, GA // Caledonia Lounge (( ATHENS INTENSIFIED )) w/ BABES
9/16 – BIRMINGHAM, AL // Bottletree w/ GT + Velouria
9/20 – AUSTIN, TX // Holy Mountain
9/23 – NASHVILLE, TN // The Stone Fox
10/1 – BROOKLYN, NY // Glasslands w/ The Midnight Hollow