Undersirable People share "We're All Cut from the Same Cloth"

Amidst this modern dark age of musical redundancy, Undesirable People come from Detroit, MI to deliver an eclectic breath of fresh air to the rock and roll enigma. Today they share “We’re All Cut from the Same Cloth” from Eternal Vision of a Blind Future, which drops September 22.

Forming in 2010, Undesirable People went on to self-release three EPs (Undesirable PeopleEugenics, and Former Self / Current State). With extensive self-funded touring, and a determined focus on D.I.Y. ideals, the band has proven how to work within the ever-changing, internet age of being a band in the 21st century. Leaving their mark on the Midwestern music circuit, as it has become harder to tell what is real and what is fake in the depleted, over-saturated music industry.
After five years as one of Michigan’s most revered acts, Undesirable People began writing and recording their first full-length record at Rancho Recordo with producer Marc Jacob Hudson.
Eternal Vision of A Blind Future melds together an unprecedented sound, culminating in an echelon of hard, rock-driven riffs, bluesy rhythmic meters, and lyrics to make Bukowski think.  Undesirable People have merely begun their journey towards eradicating the radio elite, and begin with Eternal Vision of A Blind Future.
The quartet, comprised of vocalist/bassist Mark Lebiecki, guitarists Brian Fraser and Caleb Sanchez, and drummer Jon Lebiecki want you to feel as if you are watching the walls of MTV collapse and burn in your face through their wall of sound. A middle finger to the mainstream ideas of idolization, the group takes a stance on exactly what you worship and why? Diminish your apathy; stand up to the herd opinion; stay undesirable.