Trin Tran share "Fashion Has Happened to Fashion", ready EP

Trin Tran have premiered their first single, “Fashion Has Happened to Fashion” via IMPOSE.  The song will appear on their new EP, Far Reaches, out February 25 on Castle Face.  Check it out here:
Listen to “Fashion Has Happened to Fashion” on IMPOSE
This new EP is more an injection of strange-pop than his last full length (on Ty Segall’s imprint GOD? records). Less garage and more the bastard child of Duran Duran and Bruce Haack. Mute Records would have licked its glossy lips over this meal in the early ’80s.
Recorded by Eric Landmark of SF scrap-synth alums Numbers and Ricky Reimer of Madison WI angularities Transformer Lootbag, mixed and mastered by John Dietrich of Deerhoof, these tunes harken truly from the 6th Dimension. More risky in its vocals, more synth heavy. Stronger, swifter, silver-er.
It’s a new era for the mask and its one man armada. Featuring original art by Edie Fake.