The Mars Volta b-sides unearthed

The Mars Volta officially broke up last January, but fans have just been treated to a trove of unearthed, previously unreleased B-sides.  The 15-song set was revealed August 15 by a fan on the group’s Comatorium message board, who reported that they had received a private message from someone including a zip of “Volta b-sides” and the message “share this.” You can access the files here.
Later, former drummer Thomas Pridgen weighed in with a few details on the collection. Down below, you’ll find an alphabetical run down, with bits and pieces of info as to where the tracks originated. Some of the songs appear to be solo songs from Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.
1. 14 (possible outtake from Noctourniquet LP)
2.  98d87 (“Molochwalker” demo)
3. cmv8 (“Sea is Rising” demo)
4. dp (possible Omar Rodriguez-Lopez solo demo)
5. ef4 (possible “Casate Colmillo” demo)
6. eog-3
7. f39h (elements later used in the live version of “Trinkets Pale of Moon”)
8. f9h0 (another possible “Casate Colmillo” demo)
9. k49 (possible outtake from Octahedron LP)
10. pi4 (possible Happiness demo)
11. qr5`
12. s[fqw (similar to the first track on the collection)
13. xv8 (possible New York City demo or “Asco Que Conmueve Los Puntos Erogenos” demo)
14. y2g (“Vicarious Atonement” demo)
15. ytj6 (also similar to the first track on the collection)