The Bloodhounds ready Let Loose!, tour (2014)

The Bloodhounds play blues, r&b and rock ‘n’ roll with a fresh, edgy, almost punk edge, and add a hint of a Latin groove to the mix.
Though founded on electric sound, they also dig the old jug band style of playing. Picking up cheap acoustic guitars, turning ordinary household items into instruments and constructing a traditional washtub-broomstick bass, they often busk in the streets of downtown Los Angeles to the delight of large crowds.
The band, formed by Aaron “Little Rock” Piedraita on rhythm guitar, Johnny Santana on bass, Branden Santos on lead guitar and Mark Schafler on drums and percussion, was discovered by Arthur Alexander (The Poppees, Sorrows) who has produced their debut album Let Loose!
The Bloodhounds Let Loose! will be available November 4 through Alive Naturalsound Records.
Catch them live here:
October 10 @ Loaded — Los Angeles, CA
October 11 @ The Grand Star — Los Angeles, CA
October 18 @ Cobraside Distribution — Glendale, CA
October 25 @ Redwood Bar — Los Angeles, CA
October 30 @ The Lexington — Los Angeles, CA
November 6 @ KKUP Radio — Santa Clara, CA
November 7 @ The Brainwash Cafe — San Francisco, CA
November 21 @ Linneas — San Luis Obispo, CA
November 23 @ Hully Gully — Downey, CA
(more dates to be announced soon)