Sweet Da Kid Debuts visuals for Salaam Remi-produced single, “When I Blow"

Sweet Da Kid’s true identity may remain a mystery, but we’re granted some insights into the man behind the ski-mask in his sharp, revealing new video for “When I Blow.”

It’s only fitting that the Camden, N.J. emcee has let his guard down in these visuals, because the track is his most introspective moment on his Your Mother’s Other Son EP. Backed by bluesy production from mentor Salaam Remi, Sweet dips into his past (“never played for any college/ went straight like LeBron James”) and looks to a future he hopes is filled with the finer things.
We get a glimpse of what that all means in this video directed by RAGE (Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim) and edited by Niv Gat (RZA, Guns N’ Roses). Here, RAGE showcases a day in the life of our enigmatic MC, who cooks up breakfast in his crib, hits the beach with his friends, and cruises the coast at sunset. These are aspects of his day to day that could easily change should he get big, but only if he allows them to. And you get the feeling that the Sweet we see in “If I Blow” will remain the same, even if he adds some commas to his bank account.
By Kyle Eustice
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