STATS ready Mercy for New Atlantis

Noisey has premiered the superbly-titled “Human Butt,” the opening track off STATS’ upcoming debut album, Mercy.
Listen, here.
Noisey’s Brad Cohan describes the Brooklyn trio’s full-length debut: “On Mercy’s seven dizzyingly complex screamoid marathons, the mangled jazz/metal of The Process of Weeding Out/Slip It In/Family Man-era Black Flag collide head on with Don Caballero’s avant-prog mania.”
Tough to pin down, STATS represents the combined efforts of three voracious music fans with influences from across the map. The end result is ragged, intricate music that combines the raw passion of hardcore punk with the musicianship of progressive rock. The band members’ past and present credits include stints in Aa, Extra Life, Psalm Zero, Ocrilim, and projects with members of Dazzling Killmen and Craw.
Set for an August 7 release on New Atlantis Records, Mercy was recorded at Strange Weather in Brooklyn by former The Men guitarist Ben Greenberg and mastered by Khanate’s James Plotkin (Thou, Merzbow).