Top Ten of 2017: Ed Ricart of Monotrope, New Atlantis Records

Monotrope released their debut album, Unifying Receiver, on New Atlantis Records on November 10. A brand new collaboration, Monotrope exists in a realm of instrumental rock that is progressive in its musicality but punk at its core. In a space between the twists and turns of Don Caballero, and the raw, heartbreaking power of Slint or Rodan, Monotrope’s compositions drive forward, equal parts complexity and grit. Guitars intertwine in dissonant, polyrhythmic webs, while the rhythm section forges ahead on a straighter, unrelenting path. Abstract and intricate when viewed closely, Unifying Receiver rocks hard from the bird’s eye view; its six songs are emotive, guitar-driven tales of struggle and catharsis, travel and arrival, tension and release.

Guitarist Ed Ricart, known from bands such as Hyrrokkin and Matta Gawa, is owner of New Atlantis Records, the label handling the Unifying Receiver release, whose catalog boasts an awesome range of acts from the experimental fringes of jazz, rock, and noise. 
Naturally, Ghettoblaster had to catch up with Ricart to find out what his favorite records of the year were.
Craig Taborn, Daylight Ghosts
Yowie, Synchromysticism
Man Forever, Play What They Want
Less Art, Strangled Light
Loincloth, Psalm of the Morbid Whore
Matt Mitchell, A Pouting Grimace
Microwaves/Couch Slut, Split 12″
Cheer Accident, Putting Off Death
Brandon Seabrook, Die Trommel Fatale