Soft Riot releases video for "Your Own Private Underworld," readies new records

The new promotional video for Soft Riot’s track “Your Own Private Underworld” has now premiered online. This track was released as a single last year as well as being included as the closing track on the album Fiction Prediction, also released last year. The album is available in Europe on Other Voices Records and in the Americas on Volar Records.
The video was shot in East London by the up and coming video production team Wild Beast Productions, comprised of director Mikko Makela and producer James Watson.
Soft Riot is JJD, a former Vancouverite based out of Sheffield UK, using an arsenal of synthesisers, mixers, effects and lighting to fill rooms with sinister, minimalist electronic “pop” songs equally influenced from dystopian film, soundtracks, psychedelia and various types of “wave” music. Over the past year Soft Riot has toured Europe three times, most recently France, Netherlands and Belgium as well as Moscow this past fall and a number of UK cities including London, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham. Recently Soft Riot has played the Gothic Pogo Party festival in Leipzig DE opening for Robert Görl of DAF, one of the early flagship bands on the legendary Mute Records.
Soft Riot is engaging on more European dates this fall (check out the Live Events section at as well as preparing to release two new recordings. The first, called Some More Terror is a collection of soundtrack-style synth pieces to be released on the well-known French synth/post-punk label Desire. The second, You Never Know What Might Come Next, is a proper follow-up to Fiction Prediction and is slated for release in late 2014/early 2015.