Soft Kill Release Sky EP

Soft Kill has been weaving in and out of a few music circles since 2010. Following a successful string of proficient releases, touring, limited merch drops, and unexpected collaborations, released their latest EP, Sky, alongside a cover of Charlie Megira’s “Tomorrows Gone” for Bandcamp. Purchase it here.

“Sky” was written by Casey Soyk and Tobias Grave and recorded and mixed by Tobias Panton at Singing Sands in Portland. Additional programming was provided by Tobias Berblinger. “Tomorrows Gone” features guitar and vocals by Tobias Grave guitar and bass by Conrad Vollmer and drums and Space Echo by Tobias Berblinger.

Additionally, the band has released the video for “Sky,” which features Mark Benoza and was shot and edited by Sam Gehrke.

In late 2020, Soft Kill released the Dead Kids, R.I.P. City LP via their own Cercle Social Records. In addition to landing on a variety of 2020 “best of” lists, the album charted on Billboard’s Alternative New Artist Album at #1, Top New Artist Album at #7, Current Alternative Albums at #16, Current Rock Albums at #39, and Top Current Albums at #118.

They also recently opened a storefront/shop, R.I.P. City, in Portland at 5916 N. Greeley Ave.

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