Slow And Steady ready debut for Broken Circles

Broken Circles recently announced the debut full-length album from Slow And Steady. In Time We Belong will be out officially August 14 and is now available for Pre-Order.
You can listen to the second single from In Time We Belong right now. “Pendulum” is premiering exclusively on Stereogum. The song includes guest vocals from Angela Plake of Bandit. “Watching Life Go By” previously premiered on Substream. You can also check out “35mm” via Soundcloud or Youtube. An earlier version of the song premiered last Summer on Brooklyn Vegan.
Most emotional music hits its listeners in only one of two ways: Either lyrically, through ethos and storytelling and raw sentimentality, or melodically, by hitting the right chords in the right order in a way that scrunches hearts. Of course, some bands employ both, but only a talented few intertwine every note with every word so that the emotion is as complex as it is palpable. This includes songwriter Jacob Lawter, who, on In Time We Belong—his first full-length as Slow and Steady—twists his poetry around maudlin melodies, the result of which is the sort of sad pop that evades melodrama in favor of authenticity.
To be sure, Slow and Steady’s debut is somber, but it’s by no means miserable. Just like a diary entry written during one’s darkest year, In Time We Belong is more documentary than depressing. And, though listeners will understand what he means when he sings, “It’s easier for me to believe your lost at sea than for me to believe you’re there not listening to me,” on the record’s final track, feel it in the agitated chords, the effect will be cathartic. Because that’s the power of music—to make the listener feel emotion, then make them feel better.