Teen Body Share Single "Act Yr Age"

Off of the band’s forthcoming eight-track album Dreamo, the dream-pop Teen Body shares its new single “Act Yr Age.” Dreamo is the follow-up to Teen Body’s 2016 debut Get Home Safe. Vulnerable and self-critical, sentimental and surreal, with Dreamo, the band brings their singular eye to bear on moments of beauty, melancholy, weirdness, and dazed hope. Reflecting a world of tenderness and strangeness, the title Dreamo is a reference to a term coined by a close friend of the band, Casey Halter, who, after a show, wryly observed “Your music is like dream pop and emo…dreamo music.” Dreamo captures all the gushy sincerity of emo music and all the hazy hopefulness of dream-pop. These are songs which throw open the curtains and let the light flood into a dusty room.  The new album drops April 12 on Broken Circles.