Red Hot Rebellion cover Gang Green for EP, play shows (2013)

Dayton, Ohio’s Red Hot Rebellion was founded on a singular principle: to rebel against the watered-down excuse for Rock of the status quo. Their music is loud, fast, and furious — perhaps a throwback to a simpler time when rock was fun and full of energy. By blending together punk, blues, garage and classic rock into a full frontal assault on the senses, Red Hot Rebellion creates a sound that they call “The Soundtrack to a Bar Fight.” 
The band will release their Melt The Sky EP on August 27.  The record, which was recorded at In The Red Studios in Dayton, includes a cover of Gang Green’s “Alcohol.” 
Catch the band live at one of the following dates:
July 6 – Indianapolis, IN – Melody Inn
Aug 21 – live performance/interview on WYSO
Aug 24 – Cincinnati, OH – Mainstay Rockbar
Aug 30 – Dayton, OH – Blind Bobs
Sept 6,7,8 Cincinnati Comic Con (will have issue 2 of RHR comic book)
Sept 14 – Columbus, OH – Ace Of Cups