Power ready Heavy Muscle for Twelve Gauge Records

Power’s newest jam, “Slow Train Coming,” off the upcoming Heavy Muscle EP, is now streaming exclusively via Metal Injection.
In the words of MI’s Frank Godla: “This Pacific Northwest hardcore crew is all about crushing you with their boot stomping tunes. Reminiscent of early hardcore like Cro-Mags, and Black Flag with some newer flair, Power are killing it with their newest release, Heavy Muscle…” Stomp your boots, here.
From Bremerton, Washington, just west of Seattle, Power lives and breathes old-school hardcore punk ideals. A fixture of the Northwest scene, having run their area’s preeminent DIY venue for a decade, the band’s vibe is that of brutal lyrical honesty, musical freedom, and general reckless abandon (nicely exemplified by Heavy Muscle’s cover showing frontman Evan Somehiser doing his thing at a backyard rager). Power’s music snarls and swings, equally, drawing comparisons to Black Flag. On “Slow Train Coming” the band nods to the crossover vibes of Cro-Mags and S.O.D., with unhinged vocals and a pounding groove that snakes through some sweet tempo shifts.
Heavy Muscle is coming July 10 on Twelve Gauge Records. Pre-order now, here.