Post Louis share "Your Hotel", tour with Porcelain Raft (2013)

London’s Post Louis just premiered the new track, “Your Hotel,” off their forthcoming debut EP, This Could Be A Bridge. The EP will be released via Inflated Records (Speedy Ortiz, Bass Drum of Death, Memoryhouse) on November 12 both digitally and on vinyl.
Listen to “Your Hotel” here:
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Led by Robbie Stern (guitar) and Stephanie Davin (vocals), the debut EP from Post Louis comes brimming with promise. Stern built a name for himself early, playing guitar in Cajun Dance Party, but with Post Louis he has traded rollicking, rough edges for a more classic rock sound. Sweeping solos and blazing riffs are joined by Davin’s magnificent vocals, which manage to be both devastatingly fragile and calmingly tranquil; her lyrics are thoughtful and act as a gorgeous counter to the subtle electronic elements and swirls of feedback that surround the EP’s four tracks.
Post Louis will support Porcelain Raft later this month in Europe (tour dates below). While the band currently writes and records as a two-piece, they expand to include six members when performing live, creating a fresh sound that is as vital in person as it is on record.
Tour Dates:
10/21 – Prince Albert, Brighton
10/24 – Cargo, London
10/25 – Espace B, Paris
10/26 – Blue Shell, Cologne
10/27 – Kantine, Berlin
10/29 – Kagbanan, Stockholm
10/30 – Beta, Copenhagen