Outer Heaven shares "That Which Was Taken"

Invisible Oranges has premiered the newest Outer Heaven track, “That Which Was Taken,” off the band’s Melotov Records debut, Diabolus Vobiscum.
Stream the track, here.
Diabolus Vobiscum comes out on Melotov on February 10, kicking off the year for the label and furthering the hot streak that included new releases in 2014 by ACxDC, Tiger Flowers, Seizures, and more.
Outer Heaven rocks a totally evil doom-death sound that finds a home within today’s hardcore scene thanks to its rock-solid rhythms and ability to elicit maximum smiles/violence from any crowd. Unearthly vocals, mournful doom riffs, and caveman death-grooves add up to something wonderful. As Invisible Oranges’ Kelly Kettering writes, “Outer Heaven have managed to mesh the genres in a sparse yet doomy way…”
Decibel Magazine recently compared the young Pennsylvanians to bands like Incantation and Coffins and premiered another track off the upcoming EP, here.