Noisy Ghost PR, Graveface release 2014 mix

As a bit of an ode to 2014, Graveface house DJ Employee Ray put a mix together of some of the highlights of the year. Check out the killer track listing below. You can stream the mix on Soundcloud HERE.
Track Listing:
Creepoid – “Wet Bread”
Night School – “Birthday”
Loveskills – “Luna”
Kimono Kult – “La Cancio?n De Alejandra”
Challenger – “Science of a Seizure”
Ugly Kids Club – “Good Love”
Amoureux – “Never Young As Tonight”
The Lovers Key – “Bright Eyes, Black Soul”
The Forty Nineteens – “Modern Romance”
Onward Chariots – “I Know We’ll Find A Way”
Tetherball – “Vegetarian”
Cancers – “Moral Net”
My Education – “Deep Cut”
JoyCut – “Drive”
Silent Lions – “Runnin Me Down”