New Atlantis Records shares videos by Blind Thorns and Haitian Rail

Blind Thorns and Haitian Rail have released new albums and are premiering new videos via New Atlantis Records.
Watch the video for “Gambling With The Wrong Dice Part I” from Blind Thorns here!
Watch the video for “Overburden” from Haitian Rail here!
U.S. based experimental rock label New Atlantis Records (whose rapidly growing catalog includes releases from the likes of Hyrrokkin, Brandon Seabrook, Elliott Sharp, William Hooker and more), announced the debut of two of their latest LP’s from avant-garde super group Haitian Rail (featuring members of Deveykus, Hyrrokkin, Many Arms and more), and Blind Thorns (featuring the legendary math rock duo Ahleuchatistas plus Swiss vocalist Antoine Läng), available worldwide this week. In support of their new albums, each band has premiered new music and videos from said releases, available to view above.