Nervous ready Duration and Delusion for Twelve Gauge Records

Weed bible High Times has premiered “Lapse,” the new single by Oakland, California punks Nervous.
“Lapse” — a burst of frantic strumming and desperate vocals, in line with greats like The Pixies and The Jesus Lizard — appears on Nervous’ forthcoming new EP, Duration and Delusion. Frontman Jake Spek has said the EP is a meditation on the concept of time.
In addition to sharing the new song, the Bay Area smokers reveal to High Times some of the weed strains that fueled the making of the new record. Stream the song and get informed about the power of plants, here.
Duration and Delusion comes out October 23 on Twelve Gauge Records (home to recent releases by Power, Sabertooth Zombie, and Youth Funeral) and the band’s own Turbulent Records.