Nasty shares video for "Phoenix," readies Shokka for Good Fight Music

German-speaking Belgian crew Nasty has posted a lyric video for new song “Phoenix” in their native tongue. Watch “Phoenix” and read along in German, here.
The song “Phoenix” appears on Nasty’s upcoming new album, Shokka, which Stereogum recently called “a clinic in piledriving, mean-spirited metallic hardcore, unabashed in its reliance on breakdown after thundering breakdown.” Shokka is the band’s fifth full-length since its formation a decade ago in La Calamine, Belgium.
Good Fight Music, home to recent releases by The Banner and Old Wounds, will handle the U.S. release of Shokka, February 24. The video for Shokka’s title track, featuring piles of cash, blood, and a compromised Lady Justice, has received over 100,000 YouTube views in less than a month. Check that one out, here.
Nasty has toured Europe, the U.S., South America, and Asia with such bands as Suicidal Tendencies, Madball, and Terror. A headlining European tour kicks off in March.