Top Ten of 2017: Dylan Downey of Axis

Axis’ sophomore album Shift dropped on Good Fight Music in November. The record sees Axis in a state of transformation: stripped down from a five-piece band to a quartet, its metallic attack is now expanding into a more dynamic and cathartic sound, thanks to new inspiration found in bands like Neurosis and Shellac. Shift is an exciting progression from one of the most compelling of the young, heavy hardcore bands out today.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with guitarist Dylan Downey to find out what his favorite heavy records of 2017 were. This is what he told us.
Full of Hell, Trumpeting Ecstasy
My favorite release this year. I really admire how prolific this band has remained since they began, and how they extend their creative reach with each release. This is my favorite release of theirs. It highlights all their strengths. It’s like if Discordance Axis was a death metal band.
Slow Fire Pistol, Beauty
Atlanta homies. It’s just a single, but this is one of my favorite bands period, so it makes the list. All of their music is amazing, and they have some new material coming out soon. This band touches on emotion and vulnerability better than most. Some of my favorite people. Absolutely killer live. (Listen to “Gordan” and “Antpile”).
Yautja, Dead Soil
Not technically a new record (remastered songs and live recordings) but it’s a Yautja release so it gets on the list.
Endon, Through the Mirror
Truly no other band like them. A glorious step forward from their previous LP, Mama. Hard pressed to find another band that juxtaposes the terrifying and beautiful so well. So much sonic territory is covered on this record. The singer’s vocal range is insane. It’s quite the experience live.
Boris, Dear
This is one of their heaviest releases. A great addition to their drone catalog. I only listened to the opening track when it came out, but after seeing them play these songs live (on tour with Endon) it’s scarcely left my turntable. Probably the loudest set I’ve ever seen. Louder than Sunn0))), Neurosis, Dino J.
Amenra, Mass VI
Such a massive sounding record. Liked this band for a while, but was never a huge fan until I saw them live. Absolutely crushing live band. Their music is super simple, but they really thrive on that simplicity and monotony, it draws the listener in. Beautiful artwork.
Deflect, Downward Spiral
Great early Integrity style hardcore. Florida homies. Extremely good live. James Brown on the cover. Best frontman of all time.
Queens of the Stone Age, Villains
I was skeptical when they released that first single “The Way You Used to Do.” Without a doubt my least favorite song they’ve ever written. BUT, the rest of the record is killer. Production is awesome.
Primitive Man, Caustic
Really painful record to listen to. Has all the things to love on their previous records and then some. Impossibly heavy.
Converge, Dusk In Us
Wasn’t crazy about the first couple singles they released, but it’s a great record as a whole. Love how this band still does something new each record. Parts of this one sound like something from the AMREP catalog. Love the title track.