Mike Hill (Tombs) launches EverythingWentBlackMedia.com

Tombs vocalist/guitarist Mike Hill launched www.EverythingWentBlackMedia.com today. The official site is a new and improved version of his Everything Went Black podcast and blog. Hill has been an avid writer for some time now. He has recently contributed interviews and columns for such outlets as Metal Insider, Metal Sucks, the Deciblog and War On 45.
When asked why someone who spends so much time as a musician would also want to document and write about it, Hill commented “I meet a lot of interesting people in my role as a musician and also just loving the creative process of art. As a fan or someone who takes interest in this, I think that I can speak to the artist about the creative process or the unseen elements of music. I think this is an element that journalists who aren’t in this lifestyle might miss and that’s what I like to focus on.”
Up on the new site is a written interview with Scott Kelly (Neurosis) as well as brand new podcasts with such guests as: Aaron Harris (ISIS/Palms), Eugene Robinson (of Oxbow and also a noted author), Champ Morgan (Kill The Client) and indie comic book creator, Josh Bayer.
The podcast is not solely focusing on musicians. Of the current focus of the podcast, Hill says “Everything Went Black is about 50% focusing on music and the other 50% will be other artistic mediums, fitness and the esoteric. By esoteric I am referring to topics like ancient civilizations, secret societies and the occult. For example we have had Wiccans on the show and we have an upcoming episode with a Freemason planned. I also like to talk about lifestyle such as mixed martial arts, nutrition and positive lifestyle which are a big part of my life and also a good deal of people I meet as a musician.”
One of those musicians is Gavin Van Vlack of the influential hardcore bands Burn and Absolution. When Van Vlack appeared on a recent episode, much of the focus was on his martial arts training and regimen, to a depth not focused on before in stories on him.
Catch Tombs on tour with 16 this month (links to tour dates below). Hill promises to post a tour blog of the experience on Everything Went Black shortly.
Tour Dates: