Low City share video for "Race Up Race Down"

Brooklyn, NY’s Low City premiere a new video today directed by video artist Dean Winkler (who has worked with Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass) via HitFix. The band and artist say the animated clip is, “an abstract meditation on global warming set to music, with 1980s style analog video layering, created with modern desktop tools.” Watch/share video HERE. (Direct Vimeo HERE/YouTube HERE)
Low City recently shared another track from an ongoing series of singles via Brooklyn Vegan. The brainchild of music producer Abe Seiferth (Yeasayer, RAC) and composer/musician Jeremy Turner, Low City also features guest performances by members of Dirty Projectors and Bon Iver. The song “All You Can Dream Of” is available to hear and share HERE. (Direct Soundcloud link HERE.)
The recently released video for the track “Skyline”, directed by Lance Ferguson, is a stunning portrayal of a dystopian future mired in virtual/pharmaceutical reality. Watch/share video HERE. (Direct YouTube link HERE.)
Low City is a new collaboration between longtime friends and former bandmates Seiferth and Turner, aiming to combine the former’s electronic production background with the latter’s classical and film scoring expertise. The band’s lyrically and musically cinematic aesthetic is inspired by the retro-futurism of films like Blade Runner, Gattaca and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, to name a few. While Low City’s songs were written, performed and recorded by Seiferth and Turner, the duo were joined by several guest performers to flesh out its sound.
Turner is a film composer who recently wrote a piece for yMusic’s Balance Problems and a former cellist with the NY Metropolitan Opera who has also performed with artists such as Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, David Byrne, et al. Seiferth is a Brooklyn based producer currently working on the upcoming Yeasayer album, who has also worked with RAC, Reggie Watts, Bear in Heaven and many more. He also makes electronic music in the duo Tippy Toes with former Hercules and Love Affair member Morgan Wiley.
Low City’s “All You Can Dream Of” and the first single “Skyline” is available via iTunes by Low City Music.