Idris Goodwin releases Rhyming While Black

Rhyming While Black is the latest offering from HBO Def Jam poet, emcee, college professor, and award-winning playwright Idris Goodwin. The album includes nine meditations, celebrations and frustrations in rhyme and features talent from Detroit, Minneapolis, Oakland, Colorado, Chicago, New York, and New Mexico.
Rhyming While Black, which was successfully funded through crowd-funding site Indiegogo, bumps with a neo-boom bap flavor with thoughtful lyricism. Sister Layla Goodwin and former student Denali Gillaspie add dimension and weight with their soulful hooks. Through humor, poignant insight and fury he explores the current anxieties existing within black America.
Goodwin has been featured on HBO, Sesame Street and NPR. His book These Are The Breaks was released in 2011 by Write Bloody Books and nominated for a pushcart prize. His award-winning play How We Got On has enjoyed nationwide productions and is currently published by Playscripts. Born and bred in the Midwest, Goodwin currently resides in Colorado where he teaches hip-hop at a liberal arts college.
Check it out: