Hints share songs from forthcoming EP

Hints’ latest, No Regrets in Old English (set to be self-released on June 9) is the band’s crispest, most ambitious collection of songs to date. The five-track EP hums with energy, like an adrenalized meditation on a youth spent in New England and an elegy to the ones who fell by the wayside.
The EP is the result of lively recording sessions with Ayad Al Adhamy (of Team Spirit, Passion Pit) and the mixing board finesse of Andrew Maury (RAC, Ra Ra Riot, Kisses, Panama Wedding), who also guided the previous Hints releases Vol I, Vol II, Vol III and the one-off ‘All At Once.’
Listen to the first single off the album, “Benediction,” over at NOISEY. Listen to the second single off the album, “Pillow Case” over at BULLETT.