Herzog and Chomp to release split cassette via Exit Stencil

Herzog and Chomp are releasing a split cassette via Exit Stencil on October, 17, Cassette Store Day 2015.
The Herzog side of the tape features the song, Slow Days / Arizona which is monumental—nearly 10 minutes in length—and has been a staple of their live set for the past few years.  Very much in the vein of their critically acclaimed Boys LP (http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/19296-herzog-boys/).
The song seamlessly transitions through three distinct movements—like evening, night, and morning of a good party—all of which show a different strength of the band’s songwriting.  Part one is some classic ’90s slacker / power pop that conjures up the Rentals—part two is a steadily plugging ahead, psychedelic exploration almost a la Hawkwind at times—and the song wraps up with a two minute indie-pop-punk gem that could have found itself on an Superchunk album 20 years ago.
Chomp made their debut on Exit Stencil with 2012’s Buddha Jabba Momma—but wow, is this a different band!  Whereas Chomp previously skewed towards poppier side of punk, the band has traded in that convention for a more straight ahead art-punk direction, and delivers two intense and intelligent songs laden with the divergent and intersecting guitar work singer/guitarist Joe Boyer was known for with his work in Cloud Nothings.  Couple the guitar playing with an anchored, steadyrhythm section that is not dissimilar from some vintage Mekons– and these two songs whip by you in an instant, and you just want to hit rewind!
Chomp also has a new cassette EP available on Mirror Universe Tapes.