Free Weed shares "Later"

As ringleader of great bands The Memories and White Fang, not to mention penning the “Burger TV” theme song for Burger Records, Free Weed (Rikky Gage) has built a sizable indie following that continues to veer mainstream. With Introducing, he is now positioned as ambassador of the legalize-it movement, having crafted a hit-repeat player that splices the freak power illumination of Ween with the catchy spirit of “Loser”-era Beck.
Stream new song “Later” from Free Weed here!
The album is themed around Free Weed’s love of marijuana and his digitally well-documented bacchanal lifestyle. No twigs, no seeds to be had, Introducing is all killer, no filler, never sputtering into stoner novelty. This is an album to boost your happiness and lower your inhibitions. The album’s pedigree extends to being mastered by Mikey Young, member of requisite Aussie outfit Total Control, with cover art by ever-talented Dustyn Peterman of San Diego art collective Mushroom Necklace (Ty Segall; Thee Oh Sees).
VICE Art Editor Nick Gazin, responsible for the iconic Run the Jewels artwork ( ‘Album of the Year’ – Pitchfork), has created a digital mini-comic for the album unveiling the origins of Free Weed! The comic is loosely based off the Stephen King short story “Weeds” that was adapted into the infamous Creepshow 2 segment “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill,” starring King as the protagonist. Gazin’s reboot has been made in style and homage to the glory days of EC Comics. Physical editions of the comic are available, but only via purchases on the Bad Diet website.
Free Weed will be opening shows for The Memories during their spring tour and SXSW dates. He plans to continue touring mid-year, opening for White Fang and also doing solo dates as Free Weed. Early tour dates will be available soon and are being handled by Strange Victory.