Don Giovanni Records Announces Online Festival

On Monday, Don Giovanni Records will host Going The Distance, an all-day online festival that will be streamed live via the Don Giovanni Instagram account. 

Broadcasting from the comfort of their homes, 20 artists from across our roster will perform music, comedy, and who knows what else for YOU, who — we hope — will be listening from the comfort of your own home. The whole gang is going to be there: Downtown Boys, Noun, Worries, Bad Moves, DJ Haram, Mikey Erg, Teenage Halloween, Lee Bains, Jeffrey Lewis, Hprizm, Fat Tony, and many, many more. 

Going the Distance will kick off at 1 pm EST and run until at least 11:00 pm. All ages! Free to the public! Find the complete lineup below. 


Nato Coles
Izzy True
La Neve
Painted Zeros
Paisley Fields
Teenage Halloween
Fat Tony
Lee Bains III
Jeffrey Lewis
Evan Greer
Amy Klein
Downtown Boys
Bad Moves
Mikey Erg
DJ Haram of 700 Bliss
Erica Freas