Custom Made Music release Me After You's Foughts, MAY release video for "Wipe The Blood"

Custom Made Music announced the release of the Copenhagen, Denmark based band Me After You’s debut album Foughts. Armed with bass and drums, the band provide a barrage of post-punk desperation and reflection on their first album Foughts. The ‘bluegaze’ duo has played in the U.S., Europe, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom and comprises Professor Leonard Seabrooke on bass and main vocals and Federico Festino on drums and keys.
The band’s sound was captured by Andy Miller, who produced and recorded the album in Scotland. Best known for his work with Mogwai, Miller’s production reflects a mix of wild live performance (“Little Boy/Fat Man””) and more controlled crafted songs (“Out of My Mind”).
“Wipe the Blood” has been captured in this beautiful new video by director Jim Neversink.