California X ready sophomore album, share "Red Planet"

California X will release their highly anticipated sophomore album Nights in the Dark January 13, 2015 via Don Giovanni Records.
A follow up to their critically acclaimed eponymous debut, Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr, Speedy Ortiz) once again helms the engineering deck, ensuring the new record retains all the distorted overdrive of the band’s characteristic fuzzed out, hard guitar-driven sound.
Drawing on influences from ’70s rock to ’90s alternative, Nights in the Dark not only stimulates the senses but it allowed the quartet to delve deeper into more conceptual work, the contrast between light and dark, contentment and longing. Known for their indie rock scuzz-meets-growling grunge, “Red Planet” is a slow burning jam, gradually introducing percussion rolling into a wailing guitar peak, eventually leaving the glowing embers slowly burning out.
“Red Planet” is available today with SPIN
Formed by friends Lemmy Gurtowsky and Dan Jones upon relocating to Amherst, MA, California X have crafted a more mature sophomore record, that find solace in a heavy, lush and melodic home with the addition of Zach Brower on guitar and Cole Lanier on drums. An introspective vision is confronted as the band maneuvers, seamlessly as ever, from fuzzy power chords to conceptual ballads.