Bomb Bunny Deliver Debut EP

While the halcyon days of virtually unknown indie rock acts scoring seven figure record deals are, unfortunately, a thing of the past, Dayton, Ohio’s newest college rock revivalists Bomb Bunny prove that there are still young bands with enough vitality and skill to warrant those long gone million-dollar contracts.

Centered around their place of employment and band HQ Blind Rage Records—who is also responsible for releasing their self-titled debut cassette—Bomb Bunny demonstrate the unmatched potency of raw talent, youthful exuberance, and good taste working in tandem. Across the six sparse and arrestingly melancholic songs of their debut, the band demonstrate a propensity for utilitarianism and songcraft that belies their youth and relative inexperience. Effortlessly weaving together driving post-punk, shimmering dream pop, and lilting shoegaze, Bomb Bunny would have been right at home alongside classic 4AD bands like Lush and Cocteau Twins.

Conversely, their novel synthesis of old forms puts them in good company with likeminded contemporaries such as Wednesday or They Are Gutting A Body Of Water. As easy as it is to repeatedly reach for the classics, Bomb Bunny are a testament to the fact that independent music’s true power is in its constant reinterpretation and forward motion. The kids are much more than alright.

Their debut EP can be purchased here.