A389 Recordings finalize lineup for 2014 label bash

The full two-day itinerary for the massive tenth installment of A389 Recordings’ annual label bash in Baltimore, Maryland is now finalized, as the stellar gathering is now just over one month away. 
Sponsored by Invisible Oranges, the A389 X Bash will see A389 turning a decade old, the massive melee to be held on January 17 and 18, 2014. The newest and final show of the two-day massacre has just been confirmed, with the declaration of a second Sideshow, confirmed to lead off the festivities Thursday, January 16. The newly locked gig will showcase Pharaoh, Occultist, Ampallang Infection, Frightened Teeth (Members of Frightener and Pulling Teeth playing Frightener songs) and headliners, Ringworm.
The full lineup and running order for both days of this now monumental hardcore/metal celebration can be found below, including exclusive performances from All Out War, Infest and Haymaker, a one-time Bloodlet reunion set, the exclusive one time performance from Intergrity’s Systems Overload lineup — the first in over twenty years — Full Of Hell, Noisem, Empire Of Rats, Iron Reagan, Power Trip, Ilsa Weekend Nachos and more.
A389 X Bash Lineup:
Thursday, January 16th @ Sidebar Tavern:
Ringworm / Frightened Teeth / Pharaoh / Occultist / Ampallang Infection
Friday, January 17th @ Baltimore Soundstage:
Infest / Haymaker / In Cold Blood / Full Of Hell / Iron Reagan / Sex Prisoner / Jarhead Fertilizer
Saturday, January, 18th @ Sidebar Tavern [Matinee]:
Ilsa / Like Rats / Sick/Tired / Sokushinbutsu
Saturday, January 18th @ Baltimore Soundstage:
Integrity / All Out War / Bloodlet / Weekend Nachos / Noisem / Power Trip / Pick Your Side / Homewrecker / Empire Of Rats