Live Review: Sons of Texas, All That Remains, Alter Bridge, The Pageant, December 8, 2017

Marking the 10th year for the record Blackbird, the brothers in arms Alter Bridge pulled through St. Louis, Missouri, and bringing their tour for the fifth studio album, The Last Hero at The Pageant.
Opening act Sons Of Texas took to the stage with a ferocity rarely seen in any opening band. These McAllen, Texas natives brought the heat from the south and then some! The crowd was even sure to get one of their favorites with their hit “Baptized In The Rio Grande.”
Next up was All That Remains. Lead singer Phil Labonte took to the front of the stage and got the rowdy St. Louis crowd on their feet and banging their heads to the new song “Halo” from their 2017 record Madness. Labonte and company took this crowd on a all out assault on the senses into the late hour. Branching out, the guys broke out another hit with their title track, “Madness.” Additionally, the crowd was treated to a well-received Garth Brooks cover (“The Thunder Rolls”). The band ended their set with the always popular “Two Weeks.” Fire and fury poured from these proud veterans of metal.
Alter Bridge isn’t your normal or average rock band. Music that is written from the heart and from the pit of their souls, out of love and out of rage. Not to be undersold are the powerhouse vocals from Myles Kennedy, the booming and well known sounds of Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips, a daring and underrated drummer in this realm.
Leading the charge to the front of the stage was Mark Tremonti; master of Legato style and an all out monster in the guitar world. The quartet opened with “Writing On The Wall” off their current record The Last Hero. Myles greeted St. Louis with a smile and praise for its amazing welcome to the guys from the beginning. The middle of their set which contained the exuberant and melodic “Shed My Skin” and “Crows On A Wire.”
I would be lying to you all reading this if I didn’t tell you how incredibly powerful the shows that Alter Bridge puts on are. They don’t just perform well musically, but so consistently, and with great humility. The crowd was treated to two acoustic songs “Watch Over You” and “In Loving Memory,” which were done with such power. Then it was time for Tremonti, Marshall and Phillips to kick it into the heavy hitting “Metalingus” and later close the set with “Open Your Eyes.”
The encore included an opportunity for Tremonti and Kennedy to duel it out on guitar before closing the night out for good with “Rise Today.”
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Words and photos by Brandon Hanks
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