Video Premiere: Zenith Volt Shares "Heartbeat" And Dishes What Comes Next

Zenith Volt has a passion to provide galaxy driven woke melodies for everyone’s thoughts and drive.  Pulling from elements that offer a dystopian futurism quality to the singles that have been released; vaporwave/80s pop crash down with a catchy vibe. Today, Zenith Volt has released another single “Heartbeat”. 

Zenith Volt will perform a live stream show on April 10 at 6 pm PST, ZENITH VOLT: The Skynet Transmission. To catch the set, click here.

We recently chatted with the artist to learn more about his start, his message, and more.

What was it about music that ultimately drove you towards wanting to be a musician?

For me, music surfaced as soon as my brain could process sonic landscapes. The ultimate driving force was that “THING”… that connection to an other worldly emotion in which music can make a person feel. I never saw a line between listening to music and creating it.

As a youth, I spent the bulk of my free time in private music lessons. By age 12 I found myself in a college jazz band and eventually when I hit the ripe old age of 14 I had a weekly bar gig schedule. Having never stopped to reflect on whether or not there were other life paths available, I kept driving forward. From the jump, I wanted to be in the deep end. Ever since that moment… the deep has gotten deeper.

There’s a heavy dose of new wave sound within the latest single. How much influence did you find in those types of artists?

The new wave influence most certainly comes from the fragmented memories of my 1980’s early youth. I can’t think of any other time in my life that held such raw absorption of culture, sounds, and feelings. Having said that I’m sure anyone feels that way looking back to the small positive pieces of glitter from their early youth no matter the time period.

Having circled the sun a few more times now, I am in a musical reflection stage. I’m building songs using the best of all my influences since my first notes. Time… It’s the biggest factor in telling you what WORKS. This entire project is a collage of everything that works through my eyes… the elements that withstand time… for now.

The video has a unique approach and stands out. What was the backstory behind it?

The video for “HEARTBEAT” is intended to display the correlation between the outer expanses of our physical universe and the spiritual-universal-being that exists inside of each and every one of us. It’s amazing that all we have to do is look up at the night sky for a visual reference of how we might look inside. This galactic thread, although it comes in many shades, runs through all of us uniquely yet unified. Harrowing, beautiful, and amazing all at once.

In short, the “HEARTBEAT” video is a cerebral landscape of all of the aforementioned… the unknown unproven good stuff.

Congrats on signing with Aztec Records. How did the signing come about?

I’m very excited and lucky to be working with UK based Aztec Records. After a few conversations between management and the label we had a good feeling and the rest was future history!

You have dropped a handful of singles recently. Is there an EP or LP coming down the pipe?

Yes, the Zenith Volt musical library is in a perpetually active expansion state, but for now there are more singles slated for summer and fall releases. It’s nice to be able to showcase each song in its own light especially when this is such a new project.

What is the message you want to convey lyrically?

The lyrical message within “HEARTBEAT” is that…Whether you feel alone or perfectly in sync with existence, you are exactly where you are and that’s ok.

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