Internet Secrets: Zuli

There are certainly moments when the internet annoys people, music listeners in particular. Streaming services are a great resource to listen to new music, based on recommendations or even when working on specific items. Soundcloud, for example, is one source so many musicians are fond of but without it, maybe we never would have had a Chance The Rapper. When streaming an artist, after the song ends, the platform will normally play something similar. It’s sort of when you find annoying writers’ suggestive: R.I.Y.L (recommended if you like). Or maybe I’m the only one that looks at the acronym with disapproving disdain because bands are already being pigeonholed. Regardless, Soundcloud has directed me to a number of unlistenable tracks by innumerable artists attempting to become internet famous, but on the other hand, sometimes I’ll discover something worth my time. Which brings us to Zuli, a New York power-pop musician with faint hints of experimentalism and a knack for writing clever songs.
As wide as the music industry is, it’s sometimes smaller than we think. Zuli’s had material he’s worked on with one TK The Architect, whose style of music may differ but great minds think alike. With a couple of records already under his belt, 2015’s Super Natural Voodoo E.P., and last year’s On Human Freakout Mountain, I expect to hear much more from him.  I recently caught up with Zuli for a lightning round Q&A.
Who are you really?
Ryan Camenzuli, but you can call me Zuli
What are your aspirations?
To make honest music that I’m excited about & the ability to keep doing so.
Where do you currently live?
Long Island, NY – Baldwin, NY if you’re looking for specifics
When did you first begin recording and playing live?
I started recording and playing live in various projects around 8 or 9 years ago. I began recording and playing as Zuli just about 3 years ago.
Why doesn’t anyone know who you are?
Hah, I’m not so sure. I’m just happy that the music has reached the people it has so far.
How would you describe your sound and/or the genre it exists in/out of?
Abrasive pop. The music mainly focuses on melody and pop sensibility, but I use elements like trippy soundscapes, guitar riffs/noise to help uplift the music.

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