Internet Secrets: Marly Lüske (Tidy Kid)

It holds vast secrets, this internet. Only, they aren’t secrets because it is, you know, the internet. See the conundrum there? The web is flooded with information, so much, too much, that one is unable to ingest it all. There are moments when one can come across something more than ordinary, enough to get my own attention anyway. This time around it’s Tidy Kid. I came across one song called “Berlin 08,” a pastiche of sound, a glitchy electronic journey in the form of a beauteous soundscape. I found the man behind the music as this worldwide web draws us closer to one another. 
Who are you really?
I’m Marly, a sound engineer from Brisbane, Australia. I run a recording studio called Alchemix and when at home, I create music under Marly Lüske (my real name) and the moniker Tidy KId.
What are your aspirations? 
Production techniques and methods of ghostwriting. Home DIY style tracking and mixing, I like to think I paint the audio onto the canvas. I like production concepts. Thinking them up and then exploring. The outcome is usually a surprise to me, which is why I’m addicted to it.
When did you first begin recording and playing live? 
I began recording in 1995 with a 4 track cassette deck like everyone did, but then i bought a CD burner and shit got real. I don’t play live, I just make da music.
Why aren’t more people familiar with you and your music? 
Because I don’t play live I guess. I spend a lot of time being a record producer for other artists. They play live and tour etc. I stay home and explore.
How would you describe your sound and/or the genre it exists in/out of? 
I definitely don’t fit in a genre, but I cross influences such as lo-fi, braindance, folk, electro-acoustic, techno, ambient, and pop. I love creating an organic bed through improvisation musically and then color in the remaining arrangement via old synths, found sounds, heavy dubbing processing, and occasionally glitch. A human performance with a detailed varnish.

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