Internet Secrets: An Interview With Makoto Kino

At times it becomes difficult to classify an artist as one thing or another but occasionally that’s the beauty of music as an artform. One can pick out the nuances within a movement, a piece, a song, and allow listeners to take that journey alongside the artist. There are moments when I’d want to question, “What were you thinking?” and of course, receive contemplative silence to allow myself to figure it out on my own. This is what goes through me with Makoto Kino who recently released the album, Glitter Rose Garden, a recording that as I mentioned, defies classification. Or does it.

Makoto Kino creates pop music that’s littered with dissonance, samples, noise, and beauty. I had a chance to catch up with the artist to talk about the release, music, and more.

Who are you really?
Francisco Cabrera Celio, Mexico City musician, graphic design dropout, noise, and idol music enthusiast.

What are your (personal or musical) aspirations?
To be known and play shows everywhere. To put music out on tons of labels. Merzbow/James Ferraro/Tentenko numbers of release output. To make a living out of this. To be pure again. The usual~

Where do you currently live and how’s that affected your energy, creative output, etc.?
I live in Mexico City. While there is an experimental scene that for the most part supports me, I feel I just don’t fully fit in. To me is very important to make the music I want to do and to not adapt to whatever is on hype. So, in the end, I guess I end up as an outsider type of artist?

Home-wise, the place I live at has TOTALLY taken a toll on my energy. I simply haven’t got a chance to move out. Every time I try it doesn’t happen. I live next to a Children’s ICU Hospital, so you can imagine the type of energy that is probably around.

When did you first begin recording and playing live?
As Makoto Kino, I started recording mid-2013 and my live debut was in April 2017. In general terms, I’ve been making music since 2006, when I stumbled upon FL Studio and my first show ever was in a highschool cover band probably around 2007.

What would you like music listeners in the States to know about your music?
Every release I make has a distinct sound or genre to it. So far I’ve put out drone, noise, glitch, club, and ambient.  I invite you to listen to all of them and support me during these hard times~

How would you describe your sound and/or the genre it exists in/out of?
In simple terms, I would call it  “Drone Pop”. Layer heavy music – digital ritualisms. In reality, there’s a lot of things going on ending up in my music: noise, club, idol, astrology, sociopolitical contexts, etc.

When is your next album dropping and how would you describe it to the casual listener?
My latest Mini Album, Glitter Rose Garden was released on April 16. The sound is a reflection of the wilted garden that is the damaged self.

Anthing else you’d like to add about yourself?

I think I would add that I’m a big fan of the anime “Love Live“, my favorite album of the year so far is Kinjitou by Reol, my zodiac sign is Scorpio, haha.

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