FLUXX DICE (Looney Labs)
Fluxx is a great little game. The rules are simple: draw a card and play a card. The goals for winning change, the actions each turn can entirely reset the rules and overall it’s a lot of good, light-hearted fun. There are also a bunch of different themed decks (notably Batman and Adventure Time, which we reviewed just the other week) to mix and match to your hearts content.
Fluxx Dice is an expansion for any of your Fluxx decks that introduces a fun little trick with a draw and play die. These two dice are rolled at the start of each turn to determine how many cards are drawn and played. Not knowing how many cards you’ll be able to draw and play definitely limits the strategizing from turn to turn, but Fluxx has always been more about playing the game than winning it. Some people won’t like not being able to meticulously plan out their victory, but those people probably didn’t like Fluxx that much anyway.
If the game is in steady rotation at your table, it’s definitely a nice bit of randomness to shake things up (and then roll them). (Looney Labs) by David C. Obenour