Aesop Rock Shares Mobile Game “Long Legged Larry”

Around this time last year, longtime collaborators Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish presented Long Legged Larry, an altruistic and particularly well-abled frog, who hops from place to place looking to help ease folks’ troubles. Larry made his world debut across multiple platforms: as a song, a stop-motion animated music video, and as a beautiful beanbag toy with sick shorts and a big beard. Today, Larry’s multimedia incursion into the world has cleared yet another hurdle, manifesting a free downloadable game for iOS and Android developed by Logan Hoelscher and inspired by Jeremy Fish’s artwork and the aforementioned video by Rob Shaw. Users play as the heroic namesake frog, using his extraordinary hopping skills to save a few newfound friends in need. This game offers two difficulty levels to choose from and many challenges to overcome as you valiantly hop your way through multiple levels of danger and obstacles, many of which harken back to the song’s original storylines. To help spread the word, Aes has written a new song about the game, which soundtracks a trailer that demonstrates multiple stages of gameplay. You can download the game here.

In honor of the game’s release, Aesop’s longtime label Rhymesayers has launched a new run of the original “Long Legged Larry” plush toy, available alongside copies of the original 7″ vinyl (limited to 3000 copies), which features both the song and the instrumental, and a line of Larry-approved merch, including running shorts, sweatbands, hoodies, and more. Find the whole line at