The Lighthouse; Filmology With Spoken Nerd

One of my favorite things to do is go see a film in the theater when I finish a long hard day’s work.  If the film is black and white then I know it should be good because they didn’t need to add film coloring to it to get my attention.  That’s how I found myself in the theater for the recent A24 release, The Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse is the sophomore effort from director, Robert Eggers.  Eggers appeared on the scene in 2015 with the incredibly boring and underwhelming period piece, The Witch.  The Lighthouse delivers in a way that his previous film doesn’t with amazing cinematography, great acting and an ending that redeemed most of my frustrations with the opening three-quarters of the film.  The Lighthouse is the tiny house of films with a cast of 2 actors and a ton of dialogue, I can’t help but think that Eggers really got his money’s worth out of Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson.  I cannot give Pattinson enough credit for his performance in this film as he passionately screams back and forth with Dafoe for what seems like hours.

A tiny house is definitely a house but who in the world would want to live there?  When you see a movie like The Lighthouse it is important to give it time to sit with you before voicing too many opinions.  I found that I liked the film significantly more after being away from for a couple of days and thinking about it.  I am looking forward to a second viewing as I do feel that it has re-watch value.  I am also really excited to see where Eggers goes from here.  I do hope I won’t have to wait 4 more years for another film from him.

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